mandag 5. juni 2017

Ukrainian journalist suggests erecting a statue of Hitler

Fort Russ
June 4, 2017 - Fort Russ News - 

The Ukrainian public continues to respond to yesterday's decision by the Kyiv City Council to rename the avenue named after General Vatutin to the SS Hauptmann Roman Shukhevych. In particular, a well-known financial investigator and TV presenter, Alexander Dubinsky, has stated - "Have we decided when we will demolish the monument of Vatutin in Kiev? It would be the best place to install a statue of Hitler" - he wrote. 

In the comments section, a Kiev lawyer, Anatoly Bashlovka, wrote that the monument to Vatutin cannot be demolished because under him is the grave of the very Soviet military commander who liberated Kiev from the Germans, killing Bandera militants. 

Others are less optimistic, citing that ethical standards have never stopped the current Ukrainian and Kiev authorities in their decision making.